File Requests

On paid plans, the "file request" feature allows you to invite external users to upload files directly into one of you CineSend projects. This can be useful if you wish to extend to somebody the ability to upload files to your account without giving them access to the rest of your files and media.

In this article we'll learn how to:

Create a file request

To create a new files request, click into a project, navigate to the "File Requests", and select the red "Request File" button:

On the pop up, you'll be able to name the request and specify an upload destination in your project:

Tip! Name the request something descriptive so the uploader knows what you are requesting from them.

Tip! Create an "Inbound" folder in your project where you can set file request destinations. You can later come back and sort the files yourself.

Share a file request

Once you created a file request, click the kabob menu on the right side of the request, and select "Share":

You can share a request by creating a URL that you can copy and paste, or by entering one or more e-mail addresses to have CineSend send the request link in an e-mail:

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