Grouping Projects

If you manage a large library of projects, one way to keep organized it so group several projects together. For example, you could group projects by year, business unit, or any other way that makes sense for your business. Grouping projects does not change any of the underlying projects - it's just an organizational aid.

In this article we'll learn how to:

  1. Group projects
  2. Add/remove projects from a grouping
  3. Delete a grouping

Group projects

To create a grouping, click the red "New" button on the main project view, and select "New project folder":

Once the grouping has been created, drag and drop projects onto the grouping to move them into the 

Add/remove projects from a grouping

  • To add a project to an existing grouping, simply drag and drop a project poster onto the grouping you wish to add it to.
  • To remove a project from a folder, click into the folder, and drag and drop the poster onto the "Projects" folder on the breadcrumb trail:

Delete a grouping

Select the kabob menu on the grouping, and click "Delete Folder":

A modal will appear to ask where you would like to relocate the projects contained within the grouping:

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