Uploading Files

Storing and organizing your files is easily done within your CineSend account. In this article, we'll cover how to add files to your project through the upload method. 

In this article we'll learn how to:

Where to start

You can upload anything to your account by selecting the “New” button at the top right of your project page. To upload a DCP, select "Upload DCP". To upload a video file or any type of document, select "Upload File". If you'd like to upload an entire folder, select "Upload folder". *Important: as a DCP is a unique file format, it must be uploaded through its own pathway, "Upload DCP". Do not upload a DCP through "Upload folder"!

Standard upload tool

All users have the option of uploading DCPs and files through our free standard upload tool. This upload option uses the TCP protocol, meaning your regular bandwidth is being utilized to upload the file. If the upload freezes or crashes, you will need to restart the upload from the beginning. As such, we recommend only using this option for smaller files, as larger files may struggle against limited bandwidth capacity

Upload with Aspera Connect

For users subscribed to a paid plan (starting at Standard level), there is also the option to upload through the Aspera file transfer tool. This tool uses the UDP protocol, meaning it is not connection-based in relation to the bandwidth. In effect, your internet's upload capacity is maximized to support the transfer of large files to the cloud, without having to rely on fluctuating bandwidth capacity. File transfers are faster, more secure and more reliable through this method; if the upload freezes or your internet cuts out, simply resume the upload from where it left off. 

Resuming an Aspera upload

To resume an upload, select "Resume" to the right of the status bar. 

Alternatively, you can select "View transfers in the aspera app" - or open the Aspera client if you've closed your browser - and then select the "resume" button to the right of the status bar within Aspera's transfer window (see red circle below). 

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